These commands are all p0 (see Penalties).


To register, simply:

/msg IdleRPG REGISTER <char name> <password> <ability(b, w, p or r)> <char class>

Where 'char name' can be up to 16 chars long, 'password' can be up to 8 characters, and 'char class' can be up to 30 chars.


  1. Barbarian: adds 30% to maximum roll
  2. Wizard: subtracts 25% to opponents maximum roll
  3. Paladin: has a 80% chance to subtract 40% to opponents maximum roll
  4. Rogue: will always have 25% of their minimum roll

All characters will gain 30% to their sum when they fight a character that they have an advantage. The advantage follows this:
Barbarian > Paladin > Rogue > Wizard > Barbarian

Log in/out

/msg IdleRPG LOGIN <char name> <password>


Change Password

/msg IdleRPG NEWPASS <new password>

If you have forgotten your password, please use the INFO command to find an online admin to help you. If your administrator does not have the INFO command enabled, then just message an op in the channel. They can probably help you.


Change Alignment

/msg IdleRPG ALIGN <good|neutral|evil>

Your alignment can affect certain aspects of the game. You may align with good, neutral, or evil. You can change alignment once every 24 hours.

'Good' users have a 1/12 chance each day that they will get 5-12% of their TTL removed. And, they have a better chance at finding item upgrade scrolls.

'Evil' users will have a random chance each day that they will either (in this order):

  1. 25% chance to attempt to steal 10% of gems from a random good or evil player with at least 15 gems or 5% of gold from a random good or evil player with at least 150 gold.
  2. 20% chance to attempt to steal an item scroll from a good or evil player
  3. OR get caught, but still gets 5 XP

Evil also has a random chance to attempt to steal 25% worth of gold or gems from an offline player that hasn't logged in for more than 1 day. When fighting another player, they have a better chance at landing a Critical Blow.

'Neutral' users haven't had anything changed, and all users start off as neutral.

Remove Account