To increase your item(s) sum:

/msg IdleRPG buy (item #)
(NOTE: can be amulet, boots, charm, gloves, helm, leggings, ring, shield, tunic or weapon and is calculated 2*(YOUR_LEVEL)
Example -> A level 50 player can buy items at max level 100!)

Restore life, type: /msg IdleRPG buy life
The cost of life points will vary according to your level (Lvl/5). Life points affects your sum in battles. 100 life means you'll get 100% of your sum. 90 gets you 90% and so on. Your life points will never go much below 10, but at 10% sum, you will not be very effective in battle.
Level 1-19 3 gold/point
Level 20-29 4-5 gold/point
Level 30-39 6-7 gold/point
Level 40-49 8-9 gold/point

1 experience = 500 gold for 10% ttl removed, type: /msg IdleRPG buy experience

1 mana = 1000 gold, type: /msg IdleRPG buy mana
Mana will double your sum for 1 battle against dragons only.

1 Lottery ticket = 500 gold, type: /msg IdleRPG lotto# (# # #)
Example: /msg IdleRPG lotto1 4 12 18
Numbers must be from 1 to 20 in order. These numbers will be with your character for the remainder of the game. You can buy 3 tickets.
Lottery roll every 8 hours per day. Lottery winners get 50 gems and 2000 gold.
Lotto Sum winners get 1 gem and 150 gold (HINT: choose sets of numbers that do not have the same sum).

Black Market

Add points to an item, type:
/msg IdleRPG blackbuy <item> <how many>
This will add 15 to 65 points to the selected item for each time. Costs 15 gems for each time.
You will also get some additional points if you have made an upgrade. Also, when you blackbuy for more than 1, you will gain the value of how many blackbuy times half the value of how many blackbuy. So, if you do /msg IdleRPG blackbuy ring 5, you will get an additional 10 points or /msg IdleRPG blackbuy ring 10, you will get an additional 50 points. The additional bonus has a cap of 100.

Get TTL removed: /msg IdleRPG blackbuy scroll
This will give you 1% to 50% of your TTL off. Costs 15 gems.


You can fight another character with every level. You get 5 fights per level and it has to be with someone the same level or higher than you.

Do this by typing: /msg IdleRPG fight character's name

Attack Creep

The main idea is that there have been some monsters added to the iRPG world that you can attack, and if luck is with you, decrease your TTL get some gold, XP and a chance to find an upgrade scroll. The gems received are noted below.

You can attack a creep by typing: /msg IdleRPG attack creep
where creep could be one of the following:

  • Roach: Sum 1-500
    Payoff: 1 gem
  • Spider: Sum 1-1000
    Payoff: 250 gold
  • Bat: Sum 1-2000
    Payoff: 2 gems
  • Wolf: Sum 1-3000
    Payoff: 400 gold
  • Goblin: Sum 1-4000
    Payoff: 3 gems
  • Shadow: Sum 1-5000
    Payoff: 500 gold
  • Lich: Sum 1-6000
    Payoff: 4 gems
  • Skeleton: Sum 1-7000
    Payoff: 700 gold
  • Ghost: Sum 1-8000
    Payoff: 5 gems
  • Phantom: Sum 1-9000
    Payoff: 800 gold
  • Troll: Sum 1-10000
    Payoff: 6 gems
  • Cyclop: Sum 1-12000
    Payoff: 1000 gold
  • Mutant: Sum 1-14000
    Payoff: 8 gems
  • Ogre: Sum 1-17000
    Payoff: 1400 gold
  • Phoenix: Sum 1-21000
    Payoff: 10 gems
  • Demon: Sum 1-25000
    Payoff: 1700 gold
  • Centaur: Sum 1-30000
    Payoff: 12 gems
  • Werewolf: Sum 1-35000
    Payoff: 2000 gold
  • Giant: Sum 1-40000
    Payoff: 15 gems

So for example you could attack a Lich using /msg IdleRPG attack Lich
Note that the Creep name is case sensitive.

And the following rules apply to this battle: In the case you win the battle, 5% from your TTL is substracted. In the case you lose the battle 2.5% is added to your TTL A regeneration time of 2 * Your_Level will be added, that means you can attack another Creep only after you regenerate your powers.

This command can be used only by character levels above 15.

Slay Dragon

If you can kill one of them you will get TTL removed, some XP and a chance to find an upgrade scroll. The gold and gems recieved are noted below Also, the item points are added or removed to each item depending on if you win or lose.

You can slay a dragon by typing: /msg IdleRPG slay Blue_Dragon | Yellow_Dragon | Green_Dragon | etc.

  • Blue_Dragon: Sum 1-5000
    Payoff: 800 gold, 3 gems
    Item points: 2
  • Yellow_Dragon:Sum 1-7500
    Payoff: 1,200 gold, 5 gems
    Item points: 3
  • Green_Dragon: Sum 1-15000
    Payoff: 2,000 gold, 10 gems
    Item points: 3
  • Red_Dragon: Sum 1-25000
    Payoff: 3,000 gold, 15 gems
    Item points: 4
  • Black_Dragon: Sum 1-35000
    Payoff: 4,000 gold, 20 gems
    Item points: 4
  • White_Dragon: Sum 1-40000
    Payoff: 5,000 gold, 25 gems
    Item points: 5
  • Bronze_Dragon: Sum 10000-60000
    Payoff: 7,500 gold, 30 gems
    Item points: 6
  • Silver_Dragon: Sum 20000-80000
    Payoff: 10,000 gold, 45 gems
    Item points: 8
  • Gold_Dragon: Sum 40000-100000
    Payoff: 15,000 gold, 60 gems
    Item points: 10
  • Platinum_Dragon: Sum 60000-150000
    Payoff: 20,000 gold, 75 gems
    Item points: 12


This will return the number of players in town, at work and in the forest. Also, you can see how many use one ability.

Useage: /msg IdleRPG stats


Gems are a currency used in the black market. Gems are aquired by defeating creeps, winning events or buying them.

Gems cost 150 gold, to buy gems /msg IdleRPG get # gems


This provides a static bonus to your item sum and rolls.

Usage: /msg IdleRPG buy upgrade

Bonus is upgrade level*100, upgrade 1 is 100, 2 is 200, etc.

Bonuses apply to all fights and events.

When you blackbuy item, you can get up to 2 times your upgrade level in additional points.

Experience Points (XP)

You gain experience from attacking creeps, slaying dragons and fighting other players. No matter if you win or lose. You can use experience points to upgrade items or get TTL removed.

To upgrade an item: /msg IdleRPG xpget (item) (amount)
(NOTE: can be amulet, boots, charm, gloves, helm, leggings, ring, shield, tunic or weapon)
Your item will increase at a random number from 1 to XP. The minimum gained is 5% of the amount of XP used. So, if you use 40 XP the roll is 2 - 40. You must have at least 20 XP to use this command.

To get TTL removed: /msg IdleRPG xpget scroll
This will give you 1% to 50% of your TTL removed. You must have at least 20 XP to use this command.

Idle in the Work, Town or Forest

When you are at work, you earn gold and get time removed. You must leave work and go to town to get paid and time removed.

When you are in the forest, you can find items, gold, gems and fight creeps.

When you are in the town, you earn some XP.

All the players start in the town and play by the normal rules. To start earning XP, you must leave town and then come back after reaching level 1.

You can change your location by typing:
/msg IdleRPG goto town
then, goto work or forest.